Dandong Huaao Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Specializes in producing ASIC and Transistor for automobile and motorcycle
Auto Flasher ASIC
Motor Flasher ASIC
Auto Wiper ASIC
Auto Ignitor ASIC
Motor Ignitor ASIC
Auto Sensor ASIC
Auto Bus ASIC
Auto Timer ASIC
Autolight Control IC
Auto Voltage ASIC
Motor Control ASIC
Inductance Coil
Discrete Semiconductor
Darington Transistor
Power Transitor
HF Transistor
Semiconductor Wafer/Chip
Darlington Chip
Semiconductor Wafer
Company Introduction

Dandong Huaao Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2001, it is specialized in the development, design, production, application and service of integrated circuits and transistors for automobile, motorcycle electronics and electric appliances. The product export international market.

Our products as followings:

1. Automobile and Motorcycle's ASIC

2. Darlington Power Transistor

3. Power Transistor

4. Semiconductor Chip

Management concept of our company:

With the market as our orientation, we are in pursuit of the satisfaction of our customers, devoted to the innovative design and product development in automobile electronics and electrical appliance fields; to contribute our great efforts to the automobile electronics industry development of China.

We sincerely welcome the clients from at home and abroad to cooperate with us and develop together for a bright future.

Production Workshop
Online Contact


 Ms. Lei  

 Mr. Li


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